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06 Outback Exhaust, days possibly numbered.


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Hey guys.

I have an 06 Outback which I bought in 2019 and I have more or less loved completely, but it was unfortunately sat on grass for 6 months before I bought it, so corrosion is present and it's ruined the exhaust. I walked from my house yesterday and noticed the driver side exit pipe is in the wrong place, as where the backbox connects to a splitter pipe piece, it's broken off (and there are definitely holes/leaks in other places, patching it isn't viable anymore!)

So, long story very short, I am visiting a fabricator near me tomorrow to have it inspected and quoted, because if the corrosion is actually a serious issue in general, I'll not be keeping the car anymore. If the corrosion is not serious but the quote is big, I likely would just keep the car and get the exhaust done in a few weeks time if the affordability isn't immediate for me!

If I opted to not do the work, would anyone here be interested in the car, as it otherwise drives, no engine/transmission issues exist. I have had a fairly good quote from webuyanycar, but I wanted to post here in case anyone is looking for a running drivetrain for a project.


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Be cautious about webuyanycar quotes - if that is just an online quote (car not inspected by them yet) unless the car passes their forensic examination with flying colours, their eventual offer will be hundreds less than the quote. 

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