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Garage Sale - all MUST go!

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We're moving and both my previous Legacys are now history. The following are gathering dust in the garage and are hopefully of use to someone else.

Rear "Legacy" mark - 93073AG390 - new, unused - £5

BP5 R/R Upper Scuff Plate - 94061AJ06A - new, unused - £5

BP5 Cover Assy Steering Column - 34341AG010JC - 2 of, one new, one used - £10/£5

BP5 F door sill step plate - 94060AJ060 - 2 of, used - £5 each

BP5 drive shaft - used,obtained direct from Japan but never used by me - £15

BP5 - FEBEST 0811-B13 Inner CV joint - new, unsed - £15

BP5 F Screen Scuttle Panel - 91411AJ000 -  used - £10

BM - Shift Interlock Solenoid - 35173AJ001 - new, unused - £10

BM - Auto change gear knob - used, unmarked - £7.50

All can be collected from me in S.Herts. Postage on the drive shaft, CV joint and scuttle panel would be expensive due to their size/weight. The rest £5 p & p. Photos available on request.




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