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A new dawn


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A little sad that my faithful old Kia Sorento needs to find a new home. Been driving it for over 15 years (it was my third of the breed).

Now the owner of a 2018 XV 2.0i SE Premium which I am just getting used to. Why did I change?


It's not a diesel! My mileage is now too low for that.

It's 4wd. Not a necessity, but a huge 'must' for me, given the roads and the odd field to negotiate.

My sister has a 2014 Forester, so I am familiar with the brand.

Didn't want anything 'electric'. That can wait until the prices come down (relatively) or I'm dead and buried!

Reasonable economy (relatively)

I am old enough not to be swayed by looks or other peoples opinions 🙂

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Good choice. Having moved downwards from a 2017 Lexus RX450h Premier to the Subaru I'm well happy with the car which is better for negotiating Cotswold lanes and supermarket car parks.

I've found my car has better fuel consumption if I use a branded rather than Supermarket petrol (and at the moment is same price). Town driving is what hits my mpg -around 30mpg checked tankful to tankful. On a tank of mixed driving I'm around 36mpg despite the computer being into the forties.

When I bought my car I couldn't find a premier and I do miss the leather seats. Overall though it is a great car and I would strongly recommend fitting a set of Michelin Cross Climate tyres . As soon as I bought my car I fitted them and they are so good in the wet and cold.

The only downside is the location of dealers.  The nearest and best one  for me is Simpsons at Swindon (I bought the car from Unity in Coventry).


XV Front View.jpg

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