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  1. So my car was booked in Monday for 2 urgent safety related recalls by Subaru. This was done nearly a month ago. Lunchtime today I received a call from Simpsons Subaru Swindon to say the work can't be done as Subaru UK haven't got the required parts. So now I am on a list of customers to be contacted when the parts available. Hopefully I won't break down or have a suspension failure in the meantime.
  2. My car is a late 2019 and the coil pack issue is a follow on from an earlier ECM recall. The winter check can be done at any dealer and that is what I am doing in fact .
  3. Was in the throes of arranging my free winter check when the postman arrived with not one but two missives of joy from Subaru. The car has 2 urgent recalls. One for loose rear stabiliser bolts and the second to replace the coil packs. Both to be done ASAP. Car is now booked in at Simpsons in Swindon on 6th December for all the work to be done.
  4. Yes I had this email and have booked the car in. See my Double Trouble Post,'also
  5. The XV will need a good clean after a very mucky week in Cornwall !!!
  6. Went out at quarter to nine this morning and as I turned out of the end of the street the low sun dazzled me - it also must have dazzled the car too as the Eyesight system shut down with a dashboard warning and also showed warning lights for lane departure and distance monitoring. I wondered if I would need to stop and restart the car to try and sort it but I then turned left at a roundabout so the sun was no longer hitting the windscreen and within about 2 minutes the system reset itself ...Phew.
  7. My experience of owning many diesels is that they need to be driven a lot to avoid issues with DPF and EGR. I never had issues with the 10 diesel cars I owned between 2007 and 2016, but my cars were doing between 50 and 200 miles a day so I can't ever recollect seeing a DPF light on. If the car appears to be running ok I would suggest a nice long motorway drive which may do the trick, perhaps a dose of Redex in the tank before you do it might help. If not it will be a case of getting the DPF and eGR valves checked for issues.
  8. I would suggest reposting this on the international version of this site. Our bretheren in foreign climes (especially US and Australia) have a lot more of these cars and are well into tinkering. (3) Subaru Crosstrek and XV Forums (subaruxvforum.com)
  9. Filled up with petrol today after a busy day on Wednesday where the XV took a trip to Exmoor and some very narrow and steep lanes we know there. Very impressed with the last tankful of petrol - 38.10 over 254 miles brim to brim. The trip computer showed an optimistic 41mpg I have started using premium unleaded this week as our local pumps are all E10 and I'm a bit concerned about the long term effect on engines. Car seems peppier on the 99 octane so we'll see how it goes...
  10. Therein lies the problem, cars with eyesight are very restricted on where accessories can be fitted. I've got my satnav tucked down the right hand corner of the dash.
  11. When I bought my car I couldn't find a premium. I have a TomTom sat nav with speed camera warnings and I rely on that to warn me if I wander over the limit
  12. I bought my XV at the end of June . I downsized from a lovely 2017 Lexus RX450h Premier with 37800 miles on the clock. I bought the car in November 2019 with 24,000 miles on it and paid £33,950 for it from Cheltenham Lexus. The trade in price I acheived against my Subaru was £28,500 which I consider was a fair price as the Subaru was £18495 with less than 16000 miles on it. The Subaru dealer tried to retail my Lexus for just shy of £33,000 and then 2 weks ago dropped it to £31495. Last week on Friday the car appeared at Lexus Reading with an asking price of £34,800 - £850.00 more than I paid for it. Today it is no longer available and is shown as sold.......... Admittedly I bargained hard when I bought the car and it was a good price for the range topping model (With the extras on it was originally sold for over £61,000 new in January 2017). I just can't believe the way used cars are sellng at present. At some point the balloon is going to burst in a big way. Strange times
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