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Outback touring 2022 How to disable alarm for dog in car.


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Instructions please on how to disable the alarm system for when my dog is left in the car.

Can this be done with the key fob.?   (this was very easy to do with my old Audi A3)

I have tried using youtube videos (Hold unlock button, open drivers door and hold the button down for 10 seconds)

Doesn't work for me.

Will be grateful for any advice.



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Hi.  Sorry for the delay in replying.  As far as I'm aware there are two possible methods.  The simplest was shown to me by the sales person when I bought the car (a Gen5 OB - but similar to yours I believe).  Either side of the windscreen there is an alarm sensor (ball shaped).  You can turn this in the vertical plane, so that they are pointing down and thereby not picking up movement inside the car when it is locked.  This works for me when I leave my neighbour's border collie inside I take for walks. He's a quiet dog and isn't ever bouncing around like a chatty terrier though. Having said that,  I've only done this in winter so I've not left any windows or the sunroof ajar/open as he didn't need ventilation for the time we left him there so we could go to grab a coffee.

The other way I've read about, but is more complicated.  If you look down to the right side of the steering wheel, just above the bonnet release there is the fuses 'flap'.  On the back of the flap is a small keyboard (the multi-function Keypad). I've never tried this but if you key in the code and then the code for switching off the internal movement alarm, this will be disabled (the ultrasonic Interior/ Microwave Protection) each time you exit the car .  This is unique to UK cars I believe, and that's why you've not read/seen anything on the internet, as it's not supplied to the US or elsewhere. 

Look through the documentation that came with your car (not the main manual)  You'll find a grey Subaru, paper booklet, entitled "Category 1 Alarm System; Operating instructions".  Oddly. two booklets came with mine which seem to be identical.  They're not an easy read!

Your vehicle will have a unique PIN code- it will be printed on a small sliver of two little bits of silver foil paper, insignificant looking (but vital!) with the words 'IMPORTANT' printer on the top. Mine came in a small plastic bag sealed with the warning 'to be opened by the dealer only'.  Inside is a pink slip from Subaru UK entitled 'Confirmation Of Vehicle Security System Installation" and a 'Schedule" below which was signed by the installer and there's a unique number for the system too.

In the booklet you need to follow the section on 'arming the security system without ultrasonic interior protection'.

Good luck with option 2.  I'd suggest you ensure you've found your PIN code before trying :) it's 4 digits (and it's different from the 'secret' pin code to unlock the boot without a key).

I also found this, see link, when I first discovered the 'hidden' key pad, and wondered how it worked.  Honestly, I've never tried it as I never wanted to invite more potential hassle and you know what happed to the curious cat...!.

And this relates to the booklet above.


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