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For the life of me I can't seem to get any sound from my speakers. (2006 Legacy Spec B) have tried 2 factory head units and 2 different aftermarkets. Previous owner had said that the audio cut out a few times but always returned... hasn't worked since ive had it. Thought it may have been the amp in the original unit so tried a working spare... no luck.

Only sound I can ever get is a slight pop from left speakers when plugging in the cheaper aftermarket. Otherwise no sound at all. Don't worry I usually disconnect the Battery beforehand but forgot to do it once.

Tested the resistance of all 4 speakers (all ~4ohms) from the 14pin harness. So all good there.

Checked fuse 24 (audio) and that is good.

I have no idea what to check next, any help would be appreciated.

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FIXED - For anyone else that has similar audio issues it was wiring and amp related.

The amp in the original head unit was dead and the wiring to the ns was damaged.

Couldn't get the replacement oem hu to work due to needing coding at a dealership.

Re-wired the ns straight from the hu to speakers and now have an aftermarket hu all working. 



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