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idle dopping

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Right it only happens occasionally and when taking the car out of gear doesn't matter if clutch is depressed or not. Knock out of gear and it will drop to around 500 rpm. Is there an electrical connection on gear selector to tell the car when in/out of gear ?

Thought it may have been a clutch switch but i'm not convinced

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I always thoight idle was at 700ish

Anyway got me thinking about magbe it was the mot tester clattering something around exhaust sensor. But i wasb't worried until driving back from sheff the cell light came on then went off after about 5 mins. Read code when got home comong up as 3 long and two short flashes. 32 ? O2 sensor ?

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Yeah my thoughts. Hoping it's something simple

On the codes like i say it brought 32 up what are the first bits in the guide ? See below

32 A/F Sensor #1 System

32 A/F Sensor #2 System

And i take it the o2 sensor i'm looking for ia the one in yhe downpipe behind the turbo ?

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From what I can see the 2001 has 2 a front and back one not sure it's the same with your model. But will take some screen's and let you have a look mate. Will post them in the other thread though :D And if you have already seen them before reading this. I have one thing to say.. Hey sexy ;) 

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