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06 forester clutch

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I am new to forum so please assist me. I have an 06 foretser 2.0 and about a year ago I had the clutch repleced and since then clutch pedal has been so stiff that I uese the car only and strictly if necessary as it is consuming my left Knee. hope that some one has had in the passt my same issue and or how they have fixed it. possible they have installed a wrong type of cluch. ye it was done by a generci mechain not a dealer.  please any hint will help me out. thank you to the forum

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I would assume it likely the replacement clutch used not the right spec pressure plate or faulty/damaged (any noise when operating the clutch !?, obviously pedal adjustment and hydraulics need visual inspection/checking before pulling a clutch a second time.
You got be fussy on what pattern part clutches you use, lot are garbage, only ones we use for general basic subaru model replacements is LUK or Exedy .
Fraction more part cost but saves me and the customer a lot of ballache and disappointment  .

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