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Steel or aluminium Control arms

Sam Roberts

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Hi Guys,

Im looking for some advice. 

I need to replace the front control arms on my 2007 Subaru Impreza Sport R.

Mechanic has said that the current ones are steel but some aluminum ones are available. I'm not sure if there is a huge difference but i know aluminum can be softer and might cause issues.

Has anyone got experience or advice for this?


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thanks for the response. Next issue is i cant find what i need exactly from part number but i think ive found something that would work. any input?

The part number i need is 20202FE882 but they are all out of stock ( ive attatched the spec image)

do you recon this would work instead? it has come up on multiple sites https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152923138040?hash=item239aede7f8:g:K9gAAOSwAolak~jM&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4Mw%2BS2RaxxlAZ8%2B5sCXpNcZpoAnnrWn7uM5jzhF%2FK6GgoImzbIxMWRX4HhBP93P7osL5yR5XbcN2ErSQgFDMYAMOZ6DDNvw9Zg58k1nPfs88DgrP94S%2F%2B80AYjcHgBMBdsKq1lHZrKR7bXM%2B7DSRhXoY01doXSvqyz3ahC4szYmaBID%2FVUtil7lFvi3WjLGMA8R6oA%2BeD7TGaCpf2xW91p5a%2FTRjeIlWU7SqOG%2BFImoCS6yf31PacEnLsUkVangieAyI%2Be00QmTMk2MUF9efnQt%2FcZDvNjoVYDZ1TCIPpUqt|tkp%3ABFBMxLqNiZ9i



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Just pick up a used pair of original OEM alloy arms from newage wrx/sti and rebush/ new balljoints as needed .
Pair on eBay for 100 quid .
If doing balljoints consider Subaru OEM (50 pound a pair) quality difference is night and day, current aftermaket is mainly garbage for suspension parts (well most parts unless super fussy and got current knowledge/experience on what half decent from what brands) .

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