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H02 Sensor


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Engine management light on and appears to show HO2 sensor heating element fault. I have read that aftermarket sensors are to be avoided and  the DENSO brand is the one to fit. Do any members know the part number and supplier ?

2004 Forester X      84000 mls

Cheers Jim

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Contact ICP, import car parts they will probably be able to sort you out. As for aftermarket I’ve read that too but so far my dirt cheap eBay o2 sensor has worked on my Impreza. Burns slightly more fuel than on my knackered original but runs better and 10% of the price for original.

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Denso direct fit is 80 pounds range, universal denso (you re-pin or solder old plug connector) is about 48 pounds .
Only ones we use is Denso purely as other options too high a further complication thus come back, and we don't want come backs or less than perfect function just to save 30 to 60 quid .
don't know what ICP stocking or prices currently but Denso easy source online via eBay or part specialists .

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