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HELP needed, Impreza 2004 brake pedal pulsing/grinding


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Hi everyone,

New to the forum as I really need some help.

I have a 2004 Impreza WRX Wagon.

When applying pressure to the foot brake pedal there is a pulsing/grinding sound and feeling, the harder the pedal is pressed the louder and worse it gets.

Usual things to check first would be the discs(rotors) & pads, however, car has just had new driveshafts; suspension struts; anti-roll bushes; discs & pads. Several months ago had lower ball joints; drop links & tie rod ends. No scoring on discs/pads when removed

Only things now not replaced on front end is the control arm bushes, but, before and after these parts fitted the problem exists. Could it be something to do with ABS system? Just seems strange when it's applying pressure to the pedal like it's to do with the calliper, but as I say, new parts fitted.

Any help or advise greatly appreciated.

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