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Last Mk2 Classic sold in UK: sell or take ULEZ scrappage?


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I’m posting this in the hope that someone will be able to take away an appalling choice from me.

For the last 24 years I’ve been the loving owner of what I’m pretty sure was the last Mk2 Legacy Classic LX to be sold new in the UK. (I scoured the country to find one after Subaru switched to the Mk3, which cost too much for my company car scheme, & this was the only one available).

i absolutely love the car, & bought it when I left the job, but for various reasons it’s been very little used, so despite being registered in April 1999 it’s got only 40,000 on the clock & apart from the odd London parking scrape on the corners & the air conditioning not working it’s in very good nick. It even still smells new. The engine is amazing. I gather it’s one of fewer than 30 left in the country, of which only 15 are actually on the road.

One of the reasons for lack of use is that I’m inside the ULEZ & of course it’s not compliant. It’s therefore currently just sitting there taxed, MoT’d, insured & unused. Now that nice Mr Khan is suddenly offering me £2,000 to have it turned into a useless cube. As it’s probably got at least 100,000 miles of life in it this seems a terrible waste but I can’t keep shelling out for a car I never use, so it’s currently my only option.

Is there anyone out there with £2,000 to spare (or more - I’m not fussy!) who’d like to save it?


It would come with the original alloys (which need refurbishing), a set of barely used summer tyres, & a set of steel rims with winter tyres (on the car)

it’s dark pearlescent blue, btw, the original finish)







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