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Just bought 2006 Outback


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Hello all,

I've just bought a 2006 Outback in Champagne Pearl Metallic. It's the SE model, and has a 2.5i engine and auto box.

I took it for a test drive this morning, liked it, then this afternoon looked at a totally different 4 wheel drive car. That one proved to be a bit of a disappointment, so I rang the seller of the Scooby and asked to buy it. He agreed, and I collect it Wednesday.

I'm quite looking forward to it, but I see that not all 2.5i's are totally reliable. The one I've bought had a head gasket replaced in 2018, so it must have had overheating problems in the past, but I'm hoping that I won't have any problems with it. Other than that, it's had the rear half of the exhaust replaced recently, and it's a one owner from new vehicle, so I'm the second owner. It's done 141,000 miles, so should be almost run in by now. When I drove it the transmission was very smooth, the suspension very good over a rough road surface, with no knocks or bangs, and the brakes were very good. So I was quite impressed overall by the way the car looked, went, and handled.

Let's just hope it doesn't disappoint me over the next few years, but if it does have any problems I hope I'll be able to sot them out with the help of the people on here, who I would guess are quite knowledgeable about these cars.

I've added some photos of the car below, that I got from the advert I saw.

no 1.jpg

no 4.jpg

no 3.jpg

no 6.jpg

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