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Following the recent passing of a relative we have a Y registered Subaru Outback that we would like to sell. We have no idea of its value, it is in pristine condition and has been owned since new 80k miles recently MOT'd any help would be appreciated.

Car 1.jpg

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On the open market remarkably little i expect, we had one and i'm of the opinion one its of the best cars Subaru ever made, fast enough rock solid roomy comfortable and glued to the road.

However if it really is immaculate i wonder if a Subaru dealer would buy it as a showroom showpiece, it looks too good to just end up a bargain runabout for someone who probably won't appreciate it for what it is.

Hope you find a good home for it.

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Indeed they proper made and the 6 cylinder boxers are subarus best engine by far .
Downside is fuel prices of today make these spendy to drive anywhere . (insurance and road tax also not great) .
The auto box on the early cars was not the most refined or fuel economy helpful .
The amount of buyers truly needing a car like this is really quite minimal, proper good condition and sensible low mileage will help sale but from what I see you looking at a price of about 1500 and probably see offers around 900 to 1k if want sell it without much hassle or wasted time .
This time of year better for selling capable AWD vehicle but be aware if Israel war escalates and OPEC do an oil embargo fuel prices will go crazy & gas hungry cars like this be even more unwanted as economic/global chaos engulfs all markets .

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