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Rear bushes and bolt


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Hi everyone I'm doing my rear wheel bearing on my 07 plate forester 2.0 and the bolt that goes threw the back of the hub was siezed solid i ended up burning the bushes and cutting the bolt is there a link to a new bolt and 2x poly bushes plz

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bolt nut washers and  rubber bushes are cheap and sold as a kit , bushes easy install as no metal sleeves (can be done with bit of threaded bar washers and sockets or bits of pipe).
18.95 quid for kit do one side (34.12 quid for pair do both sides)


original parts if preferred as a single side kit 27.50 quid

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Hi guys I fitted the bearing today and I'm still getting play up and down and side to side I used a ratchet and not my cordless maybe I neverbeefed it up hard enough the wheel bearing I bought was the same size but internals were diffrent from the one that came it had ball bearings in it the new one was like old school with a race inside and the baring sat in it on both sides help plz. P.s thx for the liks to the bushes and bolt.

Thx scot

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your vehicle a SG Forester ?
Did you use a bearing installer kit with forcing screw or press bearing in with knuckle removed from vehicle ?
Most common issue is bearings moved apart slightly when you installed the hub back through the new bearing that been installed into the Knuckle .
You need to evaluate your installation & perhaps can tighten driveshaft nut to pull it in & remove play .
Is a good chance you may need buy another bearing & fit it again after learning better way install it.
Bearing can be ball bearing or tapered roller bearing style .
What is important on bearing kits is quality and that generally means Japan mainland bearing only from NTN or KOYO .
Forget the cheap garbage from Napa dealers eBay and ECP, We don't use anything but Japan mainland bearings as rest tend be ballache out the box in terms of seals/tolerances or a comeback in few months .
Proper quality Japan bearings can be found for cheap money if know what looking for .

Good luck ...

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