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2014 Forester 2.0 D


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Im new to Subaru ownership as I had a Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 before which is amazing of road. The missus has permanently "borrowed" it so I needed another car. I knew how good Foresters are rated so after much searching managed to find a 2014 Forester diesel, one elderly owner on 37000 miles and full Subaru service history at a family ran garage down south. Ive added 7500 fault free miles and intend to keep until it cant pass an mot. Just wondered if you guys can advise on a few things.

1, Is it worth keep getting it serviced at Subaru? I have a great local garage and its nine years old and the nearest Subaru is a long way away. But I want to keep it for a long time. Moneys not the problem, its the hassle of getting to the dealer.

2. My service manual says 0w 30 oil but every time I try online its 5w30. So which is best?

3. I hear a few stories of excessive oil consumption on some engines. Is it true of the 2014 2 litre diesel? Ive owned a few diesels and they all used a bit of oil and this one does but its not huge and the engine runs as sweet as a nut. 

4. I was informed i need to change all tyres at the same time due to it being a 4x4. If true I can see why. Any recommendations for all season tyres?

So far I see why folk buy these cars. The grip is great in the rain and snow, a good motorway car also and decent 46mpg. I also camp in it after seeing videos from the USA so all in all, a great car. 

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1. Local garage should be fine.
2. I think that depends on the local climate... but 0W30 seems unnecessary thin/expensive

3. That concern is mostly for the gasoline engines, not the diesel ones.
    But its a subaru.... so who knows!
4. Michelin CrossClimate2

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My Subaru dealear said that they used 5w30 on the 14 plate forester diesel that I bought from them.

I will be changing to 0w30 and see if there is any real differance.

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