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  1. Whiteline has 25% off. I'm also close looking at Tein, but nothing yet. Now I have another ideea. My rear stock ARB are 18mm. What if I drill (enough room) another hole closer inside the ARB for a stiffer response more like the adjustable stiffness and go for an upgraded drop links? Save a buck and increase stiffness. Anybody tryed that?
  2. "Money no object" was a figure of speech. My point is if I go with rear ARB whiteline(22mm) + uprated holders + endlinks I'll be around £350. If I go BC coilovers I'm looking to £850. Does the £500 extra for the coilovers worth it as a first upgrade ?
  3. If "money is no object" what would be ur first choice for a SG Forester better handling : 1 - Rear ARB 2 - Coilovers
  4. Replaced my 2007 Foresyer head unit and speakers, no battery disconnect necessary.
  5. I have a JDM Forester 2007 ( cross sports) and under the passager seat I had (still have ) the GPS card reader part of the head unit Panasonic Strada (replaced) As for the alarm system, there is none. It beeps when lock / unlock but that,s all to it. You can try the battery dead key to manually lock unlock and start the car, see if it works. Hope it helps.
  6. Japfest 2021, Sept 4th, Silverstone
  7. http://scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=24&osCsid=rd8hior59ku30c60dp54v1n745
  8. Hixton - I94? To make the story short YES. I had a Crosstrek 2016 and got rid of it because of the cvt. No mechanical problems but lifeless.
  9. If anybody interested in a Panasonic Strada (JDM, double din, free of charge) please let me know. ln great working order but being a jdm had a limited working range.
  10. If ur looking to upgrade audio and u still have the original speakers I would start by replacing them and deaden the doors. Replacing stereo is an easy job. Single din, double din, just get a subaru harness (£ 5) and Bob's your uncle.
  11. Thank you, next week I'll go and see it in person at a dealer and maybe ask you some more questions. Then the scary part, explain the benefits to my wife who would be the beneficiary of the new car.
  12. Use to have a 66 XV but the CVT drove me out of my mind and we went for the BMV (8 speed auto) wich I would call it sluggish even in sport drive.(by the way service every 19k miles, first service 300£, quored 650£ on next one) And all this because of the forester cross sports JDM, 2.0 turbo, sport auto four speeds. This thing is snappy. Don't get me wrong I'm not a racer (former 18 wheeler driver) but like fast response. I really hope RAV4 is the answer.
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