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  1. @New, can u please elaborate. Looking for something similar, any info is helpful.
  2. As per title, I'm looking to have a double DIN Stereo / GPS installed in a 2007 Forester jdm (hood on the dashboard) I'm looking for mid range unit , android, cd, gps. I'm located in Essex but happy to travel a bit for a good deal. TIA
  3. As per the title say I'm looking to buy a 2004, 66k, jdm, Forester Cross Sports, sj20T, auto. Not being very experienced with the Forester, what to pay attention to before I go 4 it. What would the above go for? (Money wise ) Pros & Contras re: a jdm? Thanks
  4. If no better options in the Cambridge area I'll be willing to travel a few miles. Anybody? Thanks
  5. I'm coming on the 4th service on my xv and not very happy with the previous ones (Perkins and Constitution motors) Anybody has any pointers for a good subaru garage around Cambridge (north Essex) Thank you.
  6. Anybody running michelin crossclimate?
  7. It's just the weather. Run ur a/c and all is going to be just fine.