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  1. Re: antifreeze, I've just learned that OAT (organic acid technology) is the recommended one for my 2007 Forester.
  2. Is Subaru ATF ok for power steering?
  3. Due to an upgrade I have my 2007 Forester mufler for sale. When changed, car had 32k miles (JDM import) In very good condition, no rust, no rattling inside. Asking £125 (shipping included)
  4. Low quality / cheap tyres tend to do that. I almost change wheel bearings because of that. Just a thought.
  5. No sure about early models, I've got an '07 JDM with HID no leveling.
  6. Most likely you have a HID xenon D2S light bulbs, no leveling check.
  7. I had a XV with CVT (2016) and got rid of it because of the cvt. It is what it is !
  8. As per the title, can anybody help with the location of either one of these two relays. Fuel pump or Starter relay. I know one box is located in the engine bay and one behind small tray under the steering wheel. None shows fuel pump or starter. Thank you
  9. Don't get me wrong it handles well as goog as a regular car (fiesta st is not a regular car). What do you mean by sport shift? Put it in semi-manual and shift? No.
  10. Auto 4EAT, it is a different car that I had (Fiesta ST, 1.6T) It's like a Boeing 747 vs a Messerschmitt. Nice power, soft, bit too soft in corners but just had it for three days. I really like the tranny, very responsive (got tired of manuals) What I like the most is the "sleeper" look. They may look big and clumsy but ...hold my beer.
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