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  1. Just give it an Italian tune up, and hope for the best.
  2. Just finished the same project on a 2007 forester. Kept the JDM head unit for now and the advice I received was not only to change speakers but also sound proof / deaden all doors. Front doors received a component speakers system (JBL 6.5" about £80) Based on ur budget you can go up to hundreds of £. Rear doors received a quite cheap (Kenwood 5.25" 2 way speakers) that I'm quite happy with. All four doors sound proofed. You have ur choice of sound proofing / deadening mats but be aware, the material is heavy and I'd suggest to get the thinnest you can get. Also an appling rol
  3. 2007 JDM Forester 2.0 turbo auto 25/26 mpg town / B roads / mostly short trips Road tax £270
  4. I had the same problem with a JDM. Solution, take one pad off, take the code from the back and crossreference it. Right pads ordered. Problem solved.
  5. Part of the alarm system. Ultrasound sensors.
  6. Re: antifreeze, I've just learned that OAT (organic acid technology) is the recommended one for my 2007 Forester.
  7. Is Subaru ATF ok for power steering?
  8. Due to an upgrade I have my 2007 Forester mufler for sale. When changed, car had 32k miles (JDM import) In very good condition, no rust, no rattling inside. Asking £125 (shipping included)
  9. Low quality / cheap tyres tend to do that. I almost change wheel bearings because of that. Just a thought.
  10. No sure about early models, I've got an '07 JDM with HID no leveling.
  11. Most likely you have a HID xenon D2S light bulbs, no leveling check.
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