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Rear shockers on SG9.


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Surprising MOT failure, rear self leveller leaking which i hadn't noticed, bit disappointed in myself for missing that but the leak was hidden by the dust cover until jacked up, thats my miserable excuse and the only one i've got, cars only done just over 50k from new but age and the state of the roads have taken their toll, rust is not an issue the car itself is solid.

The KYB shocks and stiffer springs as recommended by MrB are on their way, i've got the self levellers off and the springs and SLs seperated, top mounts are as new and the rubber bottom spring seats are fine too so can be re-used.

Much obliged to MrB especially for his invaluable parts numbers and general info and his encouragement to others who have attempted the job, and for anyone thinking they might have a go and unsure about it, i'm getting rapidly close to 70 years so if i can do it you lot can.

The NS self leveller is fine, no sign of any leaks so if someone has a weeping nearside SL and needs one to keep their car going for a few years more let me know, if its any use to you MrB i'll glady post it down to you.

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Job done, everything fitted fine, car sits probably an inch or more higher at the back than it did before which is to be expected.

New springs needed a lot more compressing than the standard OE set required during dismantling.

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Glad to see the info on rear suspension was useful.
Can't go far wrong with the KYB parts, shocks are made in Japan which good thing ...
You could put that NS strut and springs  on eBay at fair price as someone in need of proper cheap fix likely find it on that platform .
I have done used strut replacements but generally only if customer supplies used parts or agreeable to no warranty on part failure , with the self levelling struts being such a known failure part once well aged and clocked up some miles i'm reluctant to use them and prefer new KYB as the cost is very reasonable, end result in ride height/damping good & I can be sure car won't be back with same original issue .

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Yes i might list them cheap, better than skipping them if it helps someone out for a year or three.

I used the car at the weekend on various roads, country bumpy pot holed etc, ride quality itself is little changed but damping feels better controlled which has made the vehicle noticeably more stable on the twisties and over undulations, all in all very pleased.

I see KYB also make shockers for my Landcruiser, thats on air at the back with electrically adjustable shockers all round, adjustable shocks are scandalous cost OE only @ some £600 each, no worries about springs because air sets its own ride height via sensors. KYB replacements will be going on that when the time comes.

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