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Subaru Forester 2010 SH deisel. Rear subframe wanted

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Best bet is pretty clean used, fair few of these diesel foresters in salvage thanks to diesel engine failures,
downside is subframes fairly hard find tidy

Part number is probably  20152SC024  , try a dealer or specialist such as import car parts or amayama .

you likely won't get change out of £600 for new subframe and any other fitting hardware do the job right .

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It hasnt been an exhaustive search, it just exhausted me.

The no change from £600 has applied to the scrapyard prices, and I couldnt get up my enthusiasm for quality, or even it being the right part necessarily. Some photos I saw of a few showed obvious rust, surface maybe, but rust. these parts should have been galvanised at new, its a poor show that such a crucial bit erodes so quickly.

Then my garage, who are independent and award winning, not the cheapest but very very good, have offered me a new one, specially ordered from Japan, just over £400. The timescale of over a month wait is awful timing right now personally, but Subaru main dealer only offer the same timing but more expensive part. 

So rocking in the hard place, I bit the bullet and continued with my garage. 

This is however an important discussion for anyone in the future, as this is a common problem. There could be an opening for someone to buy reasonable ones, clean them up and galvanise them, having them in stock, for the many people who will be failing MOTs with otherwise good cars.

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Price from amayyama (sourced from Japan stock) is also around the 400 mark so your garage doing proper fair prices .
I had 3 rears and some front frames from breakers that pretty good and price was 200 which includes all arms brackets and bolts which saved some additional parts/hardware cost.
We clean and coat decent used ones with dinitrol (adds to cost but looks nice and should outlast the next major part failure) Pick best parts out of original and the donor and add in any other suspension parts/hardware if needed .
Indeed should be better coated from factory, 2008 onwards is worse than earlier models, front and rear subframes super common on 2009 onwards . We done a front subframe on a 7 year old one, shocking really when I own 3 2000 & 1999 foresters all with original subframes and suspension arms
Quite sad but that the reality of modern cars, they garbage ...

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