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tea break video


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Yeah mate sounds good although would have to be on old console lol !

Started one with the mazda oc i was with but it lasted about 3 weeks. Quite a lot of casual people came in and out. I play with some proper geeks and physical mates (not just online friends) with no assists and force in car view. A lot of people don't like that complain etc.

If im hosting room tough as others i know will join. But the casuals don't really like it. Not bragging but unless you handicap the room it can be quite unfair.

I've only been playing since forza 3 on a good day i can just about hold me own against some of my mates who've been on since 1. Normally im about 3-4 secs a lap behind !

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Need some more people but I can start to draft some stuff up ready. And I used to play from the first one I was even in the official Xbox magazine :lol: but that was a long time ago and doubt I will be that good the new one handles more like a sim then ever before but be for a laugh. Will sort out a sign up list 1st see what interest it.gets :D

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