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"Save The Ring" Demo 21st December


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You have all seen Sabine Schmitz on Top Gear? Well a few hours ago she posted on Facebook about a demonstration at the Nurburgring before Christmas. The circuit has a very special place in my heart so I am posting here to spread the word!

Fruity and I are looking to head over for the event, so if anyone else is interested we'll meet you at the ferry port on Friday!

Sabine's text is as follows...

Hello to all my english speaking friends on facebook! We need you!!!!
As you know, do we still have a major problem with our Nürburgring.
It was quit last time- too quit... The people were told, that everything is ok, the Ring will be sold only to a qualified person or company. The Ring will stays as an traditional race track like it was the last 86 years. Fact is: the Ring is in the biggest danger ever. Insolvency administrators usually doesn't look about what happens in the future. Their job is to get as much money as possible and this as soon as possible. This is fact now and happens to our regional livelihood, our jobcenter and our playground...not only for petrolheads. The sales process is a disaster. It happens without any legal criteria. So far, we are jst incapacitated citizens. At least the government has solved the problem we didn't advocate.
Christian Menzel and myself are taking the last chance- for sure with the big help of our friends who are fighting with us against injustice, corruptness and brain washing.
Our last chance will be another demonstration at the Ring- at our favourite place "Brunnchen" on Saturday, the 21st of December at 11:55 (five to 12). This demonstration is intended for the region, affortable motorsport and against the takeover of the ring to financial investors. It concerns us all... for any participation we will be very pleasefull.
Your's Sabine (This is written in my own words but not in my mother language, just ignore any mistakes

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Just tried to book the ferry and hit a problem...

When we went over last month it cost us £39 per car return. I have just tried to book the same times for this event and the outbound journey is marked as "Sold Out". Moving to Plan B we see the cost is £174 per car return. Clearly they are busy at Christmas and piracy is rife on the high seas.

I've spoken to Fruity and we both agree this has turned a fun weekend into a rip-off, so we have decided to knock it on the head.

Good luck Sabine, sorry we can't be there to show our support.

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