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  1. Sorry, sold some time ago.
  2. Well that didn't quite go to plan... Due to problems with my website host I have had to move to a new URL. The new URL is: Hopefully this will be the last time it has to move.
  3. I have one... It was bought to be a full-size spare for my (now ex) wife's RB5 many years ago yet long after she and the car have gone it's still in the shed. Are you looking for a single wheel or a full set? Adam.
  4. The link I posted at the start of this thread is long dead, but a while ago I did start a new website of my own which was aimed at owners of older JDM Legacys. Once again life got in the way and the project was not finished, but I did manage to trace every Applied Model Code for JDM Legacy Gen 1-3 inc and some Gen 4 too. These are now in an online database here... A lot of codes have multiple vehicle results, but some vehicles have additional information about option codes if you click on the results. This is my own website so it won't vanish if a client goes broke, but additionally it won't be updated unless other projects go cold and I get bored! Adam
  5. Could also be an air leak in one of the many vacuum hoses that control the switch from single-turbo to twin-turbo mode. If they are still the original there is a good chance one or more has cracked with age and the ECU has detected a pressure inbalance (code 66) and put the car into safe mode.
  6. Bottom end rebuild is a major job. Takes the best part of a day just to get the engine out!
  7. Adam

    safe boost

    I have to agree, the only way to get extra boost safely is to remap the car. In theory the ECU will read the boost pressure with the MAP sensor and adjust the fuelling to match, but by using an after-market boost controller you are bypassing the boost limit so there is a good change you will just confuse things. Also, as Matt said, you will have no way on knowing if the extra boost is causing pre-detonation, and that can cause huge damage.
  8. Adam

    safe boost

    It is generally agreed that the safe maximum for a standard engine in 1.4 bar. Anything more than that and you will put too much load on the internals and you risk failure of the main bearings or, on older cars, the head gaskets.
  9. Update to my previous post... Just had a look at a Subaru switch and I've noticed you can change the bulbs without taking it apart by removing the round plugs at the side. Makes the job much easier than I remember it! Not sure where you would find the correct bulb though.
  10. In the UK it is a legal requirment to have a warning light to show when the rear fog light is on, so if that isn't working you may have an issue come MOT time, depending on how keen your tester is! Most Subaru switches I've seen are the same basic design but have a different shape cover to suit whichever car they are fitted to. You can take them apart to change the bulb but it's a fiddly job as they have a number of small parts, and finding the correct type bulb seems to be a little bit hit and miss. You could save yourself a lot of hassle by looking for a complete working switch on ebay.
  11. The STi was a twinscroll turbo so should have a bonnet scoop.
  12. Wasn't me. My blue Legacy has only been to work and back today!
  13. Personally I don't like dump valves but if you must have one then I guess Baileys is the one to go for. Someone has clearly spent a lot of money on the ECU and getting it mapped if it has working anti-lag and launch control, so you're lucky to have that. This is not something you can pik up at Halfords, it needs a specilist to set up and map and would have cost whoever fitted it over £1,000 Modern turbos can handle anti-lag as long as you don't go mad with it. Your pocket may not though... it works by adjusting the timing so it sparks while the exhaust valve is still open, thus sending the shock wave to the turbo which keeps it spinning at tickover and low revs. Great for hardcore acceleration, not so great for fuel consumption!
  14. Upgrading to folding mirrors is quite common with Imprezas. You will need to find parts from a Japanese import and that may be quite difficult because although they are about in the UK, there are not as many as the Impreza.
  15. The overflow should run into the expansion tank. The expansion tank should not be topped up, it should be almost empty when the engine is cold. I think you may have been over filling the system.