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choppy coming to stop


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right just noticed this- coming to a stop on low revs with gear engaged- ( 1st or 2nd ) soon as revs drop down to about 1500rpm car start to jump like its going to stall.I've read some horror stories about some part on gearbox failling. any ideas please?

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Cleaning worked for about 2 days with me and it was back. They're not cheap either :( Should be able to unplug it while the car is at temp. It should stall out or struggle if it doesn't and just revs and idles fine I'd say its the MAFS for sure. 

I'd maybe start 1st with getting it on an OBII reader just to see if it pulls any codes of Bluetooth one on eBay did mine a treat. Just to clear them incase any old ones are on it too. 


But could be the throttle position sensor need's clean too along with the throttle body. but I would try the above 1st. I posted someone a guide on how to clean the TPS I will find it for you later :D

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