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. as above . no clearance. and f you are thnkinkng of changeing the belt then make sure you buy the full kit. belt, all the pulleys and the tensioner as i have heard storys of pulleys failing after they have been took off and put back on again. not a cheap job but i did mine mydself and it still cost me around 200 squid for the bits alone

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Cam belt is doable but a real pain in the **** when the engine is in the car. My engine was out and I tried to do the cam belt myself, didn't buy the full kit just a new cam belt. When I fitted the new belt using the old pulleys, it was about half a tooth out on one cam. When I put it back in the car the engine ran but was very lumpy and luckily it didn't cause any damage, ended up getting the belt replaced by a specialist. Cost me £300 all in, the whole cambelt kit and fitting.

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