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02 sensor again


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Decided to bite the bullet and replace my sensor.

After hunting around and phoning subaru i bought one off the web it claims to be a genuine part but from what i've read it should be a denso. Whats turned up is bosch. Slightly confused as googling the sensor brings up ones for about sixty quid.

Only the end is different has a load of holes in where as the ones on web dont

Feel slightly duped but have no idea


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I agree I thought they was just Denso ones too but some do have holes in so I wouldn't worry about that to much but I also thought the wire was longer that the one in your picture but other than that it does look right. 

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The one thats in the csr is exactly the same part number and length of harness. I thought it was an after market part but searching around it seems that the older cars use bosch. It's also saying that bosch make parts for denso.

The generic ones don't appear to have holes so i'm not bothered.

It was mor the fact that the company i bought it from had re bagged it.

Just got to find a crows foot to fit now. Or lambda socket

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Not sure yet 1st time I've replaced it since I bought the hub from a scrap dealer. I wont do that again I will just go direct to main stealer's next time was only £220 for hub and bearing. I'd say everything now including the tracking labour and parts has cost me near £600 :( only joy is it was spread out through the year :D


I'm not 100% sure he said it's destroying the back of the bearing as it some times stops it from turning. I'm thinking might just run it until it pop's and get another hub and bearing ready and chuck the old one on the scrap pile :( still have the !Removed! caliper to sort out yet :( oh well what happens when you have the bright idea of using 2nd hand parts to save money. Lesson learned :D

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