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Hi Guys.


I own a 2004 Subaru Outback RN. I recently purchased diagnostic fault code reader as I have a minor problem that I hope the reader will help me find.

I expected to find the diagnostic plugin socket for the vehicle under the dash on the drivers side but have been unable to locate it. I have found the touch pad to the far right under the dash. Can any body help with the location of the diagnostic socket?


Thanks in anticipation



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I would have thought it would be in the drivers well Both impreza 2001 and the late 2005 are about where the knees are when you are sat in the car. I would maybe try get you head under a bit more I know when I was doing a Honda CRV (don't ask) :D it was right under the plastic facia in the worst possible place and the fuse box was even worse to get at :(

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Have a lok to left of steering wheel tucked under the dash plastics.(round the back) We had a customers legacy at work and took ages to find as we were looking for one recessed in it's own little cubby hole or behind a flap. Turns out it was just sat attached to the loom dangling down. Almost like an afterthought

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