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Standard radio/cassette removal from my RB5

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I have a 6-disc CD changer fitted behind the rear passenger armrest. Previous owner did this, leaving the front fascia untouched. I can't crawl around looking for clues as to how its fitted if that helps.

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Hope it goes well for you. I ripped a top notch Blaupunkt unit out of my old Rover 620 that was being scrapped (still miss that car). If you didn't see or can't remember how it was fitted it can be a bugger to get it out again. As the car was being scrapped we busted the fascia to get it out, although I felt I'd vandalized and insulted my old friend by doing this. It's funny how folks can get attached to a car.


The irony... my BF is now driving around in a pretty tidy P reg Pug, galvie bodywork so no rust. I got it for £400 when my beloved Rover died and gifted to BF when his van died as I was biking all the time and hardly used it - it has one of the better sound systems going. We are not youngsters, but we do like to educate the locals with some hard rock when we are on the move ;-)

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Hi, I live in Carlisle, top end of the Lake District. Not got my RB5 on the road yet,gonna give it some TLC and run it from April till end of September and store over the Winter. One previous owner ,62k miles,full history and all receipts and completely standard,not many like this left. Too good to pass up!

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