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what oil do you use


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Right, going to service my WRX 2001 the weekend.


What oil do you recommend. and how much does the subaru take?


Also changing the rear discs and pads as they seems quite low and theres a clunk from the front when reversing and when you press the brake so I have a feeling the front pads have been done incorrectly. 


Many thanks guys

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Fully Synthetic in both can't remember now if the blobeye is 10w-30 or 5w-30. and the Bugeye because it's been modded and was recommended 10w-50


One thing you will find with the oil question it gets asked a lot and and will get lot's of others with views on which is the right one :) I just use what I think is best for me if it is right or wrong. :D 

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5 liters is all you will need it won't use the full amount but will use most of it. Pour some oil in the new filter before you fit it too then once the filters back on make sure you are on even ground and just keep topping up as you would a normal car while checking the dipstick level. 

As for which oil I still think you will be fine with 10w-30 but might be worth speaking with Tim or going on Opioils site and getting them to recommend one they have a form you fill in with mods they will recommend one better than I can :) 

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