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gauge should be at?


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Under load or idle ?

Standard car as matty said, should read +0.8bar under full load,

at idle mine reads -0.8

Depends on where you've got it plumbed into and if its electrical or mechanical type too

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normal driving it will fluctuate between positive and negative boost a lot as your always stoping and starting it also depends on what gear your in and how many revs your puling at the time. Se if you can find a quiet long and straightish bit of road pref with nat speed limit.

Just drive as you would normally, and keep an eye on revs and boost. You'll see where and when the turbo starts spooling in relation to road speed/gear. not sure on the impreza think it's around 2500-2700 rpm. As soon as you come off the gas the engine will dump all excess pressure and you'll return to a negative presure reading.

Sorry if this is telling you to suck eggs but it's the easiest way of explaining

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As said above as you are driving it should move up to + depending on load I.e boosting but when you lift to change gear it should drop down again it wouldn't just stay at one point unless you a cruising with a steady foot. 

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