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The Bleeping Beep from Bleeping Hell

Tom Crabbe

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Hi everyone. The garage is very uncertain of the location and risks involved in removing / smashing/ /cutting / snipping the reversing and gear engaged beep heard in our 2002 Forester.


The Scooby - as might have heard me mention before - is primarily The Dog Cart - and the beep when we first engage gear from neutral, and again when we engage reverse, means that neither dog will now go into the car for fear of something untoward happening.

Firstly where is it actually located - and secondly- is there a sensible method for disabling the noise without harm to some system?


Also do any of you by any chance know a decent and reasonable body shop to do some rust and paint of La Scuba within 10 miles of Faringdon or 5 of Swindon?


Many thanks indeed in advance


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Don't hold me to this but i assume there will be an electrical connector on the reverse selector ?

Have you had the gear surround off to have a peek ? It should just lift off with a gentle tug ( cant remember if there are two screws on either side if the transmission tunnel.

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