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wrxs subaru exhaust noise


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hey new here guys. missed stands in japfest :/ .

right I have a wrx-s belive its got prodrive exhaust system. it being the hatchback. it doesnt.have that distinct subaru roar noise. I been looking at getting it louder but not full decat.

got quote on milltek for £800 and advised a remap for £550 for licensing etc. if anyone here can help me find a reasonable exhaust system similar priced that will pass mots etc but will have the rumble of a subaru. thanks robb

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You could change the back box without getting decat centre pipe or down pipe, this wouldnt require a remap and would increase the noise.


You will not get the burble of the older scoobs as this is down to the earlier models having unequal length manifolds, they where changed to equal length as this is better from a performance point of view.


You can buy unequal headers and get the burble back, they cost a lot and would require either ceramic coating or exhaust wrap to reduce the heat and remapping as you have changed the breathing of the engine.


Give www.scoobyworld.co.uk/ a call they do a full range of backboxes.

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