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Outside get geared leeds


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It is crazy low isn't it :) he has a thread here buddy. And I think the spoilers are a must IMHO, if you want any club stickers that Mufflebox/Clubshop doesn't have i.e size and colour if you have a word I can sort that. I can even get sun strips if you like them too just got myself one ordered yesterday. 


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Ive got myself a 125 bought my gear from there in august currently in the process if doing my test. Prob would've happened quicker if the scooby didnt empty my bank balance like it emptys it tank

Haha tell me about it I have just got myself a CBR600 track bike so now I have 2 drains on the bank account :( Ahh well it's all good fun lol If you ever need anything hit me up on here or come down to the shop we will look after you ;)

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You have done already when I had dramas with !Removed! pinlock, wish I'd never had it now as you can't live without it once you've tried it. I may come down and introduce myself when I'm next up in Leeds, can always find something to purchase lol

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