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Exhaust question again...

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Slightly different this time. :)

Basically my manifold is totally !Removed! so need a new one, now my weird and twisted train of thought is thinking to the future. ;)

Is it possible to buy a whole manifold system to back box from a boosted GC8 Wagon and fit it to a GC8. Wagon Sport? The idea is so when I get a boosted GC8 Wagon, I can take the whole system off the Sport and fit it to the new car :D

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Don't think they are the same , exhaust are cheap for scoobs tho about. 80 quid cAn get you a full system

I noticed but annoyingly I can't find a cheap full system for a Sport, they all seem to be WRX or STI versions :(

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Don't think it will fit. The headers are different due to them going up to the turbo and the downpipe is different because it comes from the turbo. Even if you could fit a turbo in place to get it joined together, you will lose loads of torque due to reduced back pressure

Cheers boozy.

I finally found some engine bay photos of standard WRX and STI engines showing how the turbo is fitted etc, sucks as I wanted to get a good quality system which I can swap out when I get my boosted Wagon, no hum!

Cheers guys for replying anyway :)

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