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Mud flaps, grilles and style advice/ideas please.


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I've got a black hawkeye. I'm wanting to fit some flaps to it. It's currently on 16" but I'm shortly getting some 17"a and probably going to lower it a little. Windows are being tinted on Monday.

As it's going to be a very black looking car, I was thinking about maybe getting a different colour door the mudflaps. I was thinking maybe red? I hoping to get my brakes all painted up red as well. Do you think this would look tacky and ****?

Any other ideas and opinions welcome.

I was going to order from scoobyworld.

Also front grills. I want to get a lower one for the radiator hole. I'm not sure if I should go black like the stock ones, or go for the chrome/steel one and replace the upper ones for similar?

The tax man send me a cheque for the best part of a grand so wanted to get some nice little pieces for the car.

Thanks. Tim

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I'm not sure if I want all black out. So unsure about a splash of colour.

I've got a mate who suggested some clear lacquer with a bit if black in for tinting the lights a bit.

My mate has a black c class merc with gloss black wheels which does look pretty nice, quite drug dealer looking though.

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