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Hence the reason why I don't like these companies; eBay & PayPal


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arrogant and we know all better comes to mind and tougher rules and regulations of handling these kind of data breaches are needed IMHO. by the end of the day it's YOUR details you trust them with...







same goes for other stores too;







and if you thought that your Chip & Pin was safe...





to protect your self have a look at https://lastpass.com/ so you can easily have, maintain and change your passwords for every single web site out there



sorry for the rant, but security is a part of my job, have fun ;)

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When security is involved and where money is involved I agree, there should be no excuses. Same with what happened with Sony and facebook. Mind you some idiots on facebook the info people can get on others from there is unreal. My favourite is with CV's when they put the email address on it use facebook to search for it soon find out there not the person they describe themselves to be. That enjoys nights in with family and countryside walks, with pictures of them pi$$ed out there faces knickers around the ankles... My type of classy lady :ph34r: Or the lads with black eyes or in A&E after a football match brawl.    

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