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underseat subwoofers

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Anyone got one or recommend anything ?

Changed my rear door component speakers and put coax ones in now I've lost the low end I'm looking at options, don't really want a massive sub in the boot seen a couple of little active kenwood ones for around a ton and wondering if people have any experience with underseat units.

Theres supposed to to be an option fit one that goes in the rear cubby box on the foz but they appear to be like rocking horse !Removed!.

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Well bought a kenwood kscws11 next question.

Theres very little clearance under the seat as I've changed them for gc8 buckets.

When you sit on the seat your !Removed! doenst compress it that much am I right in thinking that the metal base of the seat doesn't give the cushion just goes into that ?

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the seat has soild supports, so the seat won't drop that much


i was looking at different options for my work van :lol: :lol: :lol: , i ended up with a pair of vibe black air 6x9's in sealed boxes and a JBL 2x75w amp, I'm running them with the LPF, so now the std 3" speakers in the dash just do high range and the 6x9's are mainly subs, they integrate very well and are nice and punchy

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Hi mate, I've not attached it to the floor yet as I can't be bothered to remove the seat. I may do and cut the carpet out give it a little more clearance. Or I may stick it in the boot modify the cubby box in the side. At the mo It's being held in place by the rear mat and gravity

But over all I'm impressed with the quality, after reading revues saying they aren't worth the money I was a bit sceptical, but thought im not going to be after massive bass just something to round the system off. It does that perfectly and is as loud or as quiet as I want it. Deffo worth the money

I'll pop a pic up when I get time

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I currently have a Pioneer Flat bass (with built in amp) sitting only 8cm tall and strong enough to pile almost anything on. 

sounds good. not as loud as my old super large bass box but for the size of it and how much space it takes up i recommend !


and in my eyes easier to fit 

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I'll show you mine if.....

Hello big boy ;)



Yes bass and amp all in one. Easy to fit sounds good :)

Nice I'll have a look I've taken my CarPC out the minute temporarily but thats exactly the type of thing I'm after. I did see a sony one only tiny it was but £550  :o

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Hundred quid for mine only cut the carpet out as the foz armchairs were fine but when I put the impreza seats in it was a bit close. It's a nice little sub rounds the system off nicely and gives out good sound for what it is

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