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Photo's From Modified Nationals

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lol, I was looking for you and salsa king, but I didn't see either of you


I went back to my car about 11ish and the car next to had a gazebo over it that was getting full of water and was bent down nearly touching the roof (classic RA) so me being the thoughtful kind person decided to empty the water out. just started emptying it and there was a gust of wind and it blew all the water back onto me :angry: all down the inside of my coat sleeve, front of my coat, jeans and shoes :wacko:

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i think most of the one's in that arena must be trailer queens :(


I'd love to go down my high street in any of them, to me you have a car like that for the looks that you get. you don't get many looks when it's sat in a heated garage.......

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