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fuel pump/tank help/advice needed


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on my way home from Mod Nats I called in a take away, when I got back in the car it wouldn't start, it was only just ticking over and then cut out. the fuel gauge read between empty and a quarter, so then I was thinking it was the fuel pump (it sounded different) so I phoned the AA, was told an hour. an hour later they phoned me and said they didn't have anyone available, so passed my details to the 'Mansfield group', they phoned me and then said about 90 mins :angry:


so I decided to walk to the nearest petrol station, bought a can and a gallon of 97 ron, put it in and tried to start it and it fired up, now showing 1/4 tank????


so today I took the pump out and had a look, even out of the tank with the float fully down, it was still showing above empty, had a closer look and the needle onto the circuit board was displaced, so I straightened it up and then it was reading empty. put it all back together and the fuel light was now on.


so today I filled up and needle went up to the top, but I only put 46 litres (plus 5 from jerry can) in????? it's a 55 litre tank. on my last blob the most I put in was 58 litres. so how come it was so low that it wouldn't start, but it only took 50 litres to fill it???

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The mysteries of scooby fuel tanks ?

Maybe something to do with the pickup, just clutching at straws really as my gauge is well off, you hadn't been giving it the beans on the way home and suffered some kind of starvation issues ? Maybe filter was clogged and an hour or so sitting let the sludge drain down.

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When I looked in the tank there was more in than I thought there would be. I had a slight stutter about 10 mins earlier, but it felt the same as when my fuel pump failed last time.

There isn't any sludge in my tank, I think that's a thing of the past. If you look inside a tank it's like new,

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