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REQ: 2008-2011 Impreza 1.5r Owner and Or Service Manual


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Good evening/morning


Hey i'm from the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact. And what i'm trying to get my hands on is a copy of the owner manual and or service manual for the  2008-2011 1.5 Impreza .


England is one of the few English speaking places that got the 1.5 variant like us here in Trinidad, i would like to get a copy of the owner's manual in digital copy as well as the service manual?





:From the Sunny Side:



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Hello welcome, you were probably a bit early in the morning for us last night haha.

I know gambit had various mauals stored somewhere so I'm sure if he has he'll be along later to help.

As for the service manual / schedule maybe drop subaru uk an email see if they can help

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I want to thank everyone who replied and pm'd , however all manuals given are for usdm 2.5 models, sti, wrx, etc


What i need is the manual for the UK 1.5r model, thats the model we have here in Trinidad, the model i have.


I would really like the manual and or workshop manual and the maintenance schedule if possible.

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you drop subaru uk a mail ?

The 1.5 wasn't a massive seller over here mainly wrx & sti's what exactly do you need from the manuals ? As gambit says the service intrvals and what not will be nearly identical

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Well i doubt it would be that similar because they use the newer EL15 engine in this version rather than the traditional EJ series.


Umm specifically the last page of the manual has the service intervals. That page.


At the beginning of the manual there is also engine specs as well as key data such as engine type, amount of oil required, type of oem spark plug etc.


I can provide an example from one of the links given if required.

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Thanks for all your help, evening if someone has a physical copy, i don't require pdf i would be glad for a scan or heck even a photo.

There are 3 key sections i'm interested in:

I attached examples from a wrx manual to so you guys know exactly what i'm looking for,


1) The gas station reference page - This is the last page in the manual [Most important stat here is required fuel type, aka RON/AKI, everything else can be found in specification section]

2) The specification section - about 1-5 pages

3) the maintenance schedule, i think this is a addon or appendix to the manual, i provided a spanish example, but it basically shows the service intervals and what changes need to be made or inspected at said intervals.


The attached example is actually for the spanish verison 1.5r so i guess i can translate it rougly if i have to.




I would really appreciate photos or scans from a  owners manual for the 1.5r version.



car maintenance.pdf

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