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18x7.5" Kato Kochi Wheels Multi Stud


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Kato racing wheels 18x7.5"

Definitely have 5x100 stud pattern as they were fitted to my 2003 Impreza but I'm not sure of the other size - maybe fit Hawkeye onwards but not 100% sure.

2 of the wheels come with Yokohoma Parada Spec 2 tyres with 5mm tread left. Incredible dry weather grip. The other 2 are on the limit so will need new.


All are straight and no buckles. Balanced and tracked spot on with no vibrations.

Unfortunately as some of you know when I took it to a hand car wash they ruined the finish with the road grime remover stuff


So they'll need refurbing/spraying. 1 has some bubbling/corrosion on the inner rim part too but since they need sorting anyway it can be done then.

I did plan on keeping these and spraying black myself. I bought the Plasti Dip wheel kit for £55 with spray gun and will include this so you can do yourself if you want.


After £220 delivered. Or £160 if you save me trouble of posting and can collect/meet. I'll be going to NBO if that helps. I'll get better pics up ASAP too, I'm working nights at the moment so haven't had time to take proper pics.

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