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SOLD Toyota Starlet Glanza V ( Subaru Fund)


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time has come as the project scoob requires some expensive parts and is basically ready to be finished.


200 BHP

Toyota Starlet Glanza V


Fully Strutbraced front and back

Clifford G5 Alarm with intelistart (brings insurance right down)

Insures as a 1.3 non turbo, however its insured as what it is £400 with 6yrs no claims.

Rota 15" split rims , slight Laquer Peel.

Uprated drilled and groved Discs with EBC green stuff Pads.

Every receipt for any work carried out by myself and the previous owners, extensive history all the way up to its import.

Subaru Seats.

Stripped out rear but will come with the interior in place if required.


Coilover suspension.

Fully Forged.

Alloy Radiator Gulpher.

Uprated Blitz Intercooler.

Fuel Pressure Regulator.

HKS fuel Defender.

15 PSI of boost from hybrid CT09 ( comes on boost around 2.5k)

dump valve blanked off.

new coil pack.

fresh oil change with Shell fully synthetic.

Walbro uprated fuel pump.

Full Blitz Nur spec R exhaust

Tubular Stainless manifold

Momo steering wheel

plasma dials

boost and volt gauge

no rust

and loads of other parts.



I used to hate these cars due to the stigmata that surround them for been young boy racers cars, after swapping my old skyline for it, i have to say what a laugh it is, handles like a !Removed! go kart and acceleration is unbelievable, yet still gets excellent mileage. i went to peterbrough on £35 with spirited driving there and back and still had just under half a tank :).


Due to its Spec im looking around the £4.2k mark however im open to offers, but do not insult me please.


Only bad bits are chip in the windscreen and stone chips on the front bumper however im getting it resprayed shortly.


more pics to follow once its stopped raining. :)




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