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Blacksmith's Arms Hillrise Rothwell
Tuesday 15th July 6pm-9pm 2014


Google Map 





Right guys and gals I've finally managed to get a place sorted and think it should be a great place for a monthly meet. It's taken me awhile lot's of driving around and ringing people up and knockbacks :) But it's happening now so would be great if we can get as many people going as possible and as many types of Subaru. More so when I was speaking to the owner and he told me a Porsche Club is starting a meet up there in July too  :angry: So it's now a personal duell to out beat them  :lol: As always rules will apply. And hope to see some members there :D


Meeting Rules

1. No idiotic driving on the roads surrounding the Meeting. 

2. No leaving litter.

3. Do not partake in any other idiotic behaviour.

4. Have fun and meet fellow Subaru owners.


Thank you to the owner and staff at the Blacksmith's Arms. 

And hopefully be able to update the picture with Subaru cars :D

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Rothwell near leeds? annoyingly i had just agreed to work till 9pm all next week ! From 8-4s rather annoying!!

In Future if its going to be a static meet  a friend of mine owns a garage / Tuning shop so we could have met there it is in Wakefield.

Some might know him he used to have a 600bhp+ Scooby JHM is his company or James Hanks

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All being well I should have the hub and brakes and tyres fixed this weekend I've not risked doing it before this meet just incase anything big goes wrong so hopefully will make one of yours. Just know August is a bad month with doing another meet japfest 2 missus and sons birthday and hoping to try get a subaru bbq weekend sorted for the end of the month might be tough :D 


But more than welcome to pop to one mate :) 

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I have some more pictures but heres a few. 

And yes one car just stole the show :D I want it if anyone wants to give me £13.500 :)



Some of you might have seen it at the NBO



We had filled the front but unfortunately some unconsidered members of the public parked a van and a BMW in the lineup :(



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Yep was always nice to have at least one none Impreza :D But it's all a start seems like it will be a definite venue through the summer months anyway :) 


Well thinking next one will be the 12th but need to speak with the manager 1st. 

And thank you for coming will tr5y again to get other models to the next one ;) 

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The guy who owns it funny enough turned out to be a long time family friend :D I love it I want it just I don't have the cash to spend :( 


And Guy Martin went past on his cycle too :D Hopefully he might stop one day. I'm dieing to get his signature. 

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