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Mtec Discs + Mintex pads

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Hi All,


Looking to replace discs and pads all round on the scoob and stumbled across this deal on eBay.


Has anybody had any experience with the "Mtec" discs?


there are mixed reviews online, so was seeing if anyone with a Subaru has ever used them!


heres the link to the eBay ad for the package....



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Never heard of them.

I've just got new discs and pads for the front of my blob, drilled and grooved discs with Kevlar pads, from Aztec performance, £115 delivered. I think the same for the rear is about £70. He does good offers on scoobynet and guarantees they won't warp, even on track days

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i looked at MTEC discs, they looked promising, very good pricing... seemed to good to be true. So I did alot of googling, whilst i couldn't find any solid reviews. I did find a considerable number of forum posts and quite a few of these suggested that these brakes are simply cheap OEM discs that are machined on site to add the grooves/dimples,drills etc etc. I'd avoid them to be honest.

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