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Laserline alarm/immobiliser problems

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Hi All, after some urgent advice please.


Had the SVX about 6 weeks now and the only issue I've had is that occasionally the Battery would go flat overnight. I'd put this down to a sticky brake light switch and a quick charge would solve the issue - until friday night.


Car dead, no central locking from alarm fob, no dash lights and no start. Saturday morning I put it on charge for a few hours but no joy. Tried to jump start from my van, but still no joy.


Called Flux rescue and after a 3 hour wait guy turned up who could not even check Battery! He came to the same conclusion as me, the immobiliser is the culprit.


Can anyone recommend a good Auto-electrician in the Leicester area who would come out and sort me out?


At the time of the 'recovery guy' visit the dash lights and the brake lights were the only ones that would light up, no other electrical activity, though when he connected his jump starter I'm pretty sure the starter engaged but would not start. This only happened once and no starter activity since. This morning there is no electrical activity at all.


Pretty sure the Laserline is not an OEM fitting so not a problem if the unit is just removed and replaced with another, if so, any recommendations?


Although it is not a daily driver I do need to get the car on the road again, thanks.



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Hi mate sorry to hear about your troubles. If you speak to an installer about new alarms and fitting they will probably rip out the old for nothing before installing the new one.

I have used the directed electronics alarms. They are made by clifford but the directed name is sold in the states.

The hornet I had installed in a previous car was under 200 imstalled and it's a thatcham cat1

The other one I have now is the viper it's a little more but you get a few more features and fancy remote.

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