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Wheel bearings


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Evening evening, so I've pretty much got rear wheel bearing failure going on.does anyone know if the bearing is interchangeable over the subaru models as I'd like to get hold of one ASAP ( 96 gtb legacy ej20r)

Thanks in advance


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Funny enough I'm going down this road as we speak but I'm needing a hub with it. on the front N/s :( I've got one but my missus keeps trying to find it cheaper which is annoying now held me up for 2 days already with it soon  have everything here but the !Removed! hub. She likes to beat me with prices :lol: She does find some good deals though sometimes.  

But does look from 93 to 98 the Legacy didn't change the bearing or hubs but don't hold me to this. As I have found it a bit of a mine field. when I've been looking at hubs some people have said fit's other models but when I look there the wrong size :( I'd just try find one that fit's. Have you given Import parts a ring ? give them the reg number be able to tell you for sure 

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Popped into auto factor today £118 for just the bearing

Oi you ever seen these wheels before, I've seen ones very similar but never found any others, they came on the car, I'm in two minds to buy new ones or refurb these with 40 mm side wall tyres


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How the hell are they that much £25 something for a front one of Import parts  :blink: thats for the Imp but can't see why it would be much more.


From the pictures I like the ones off ebay more look a bit like the Rotas :) 

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