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Hi there,

Ive recently purchased an impreza 2001 2.0 gx,

 the cars previous owner had been running it with an induction kit which they had removed before the sale replacing it with what looks like the standard air filter box with out any of its inlet trunking,

This i thought would not be a problem as i had my eye on a K&N induction kit anyway, The kit was purchased and i began to fit the said kit, everything was going fine with the fitment until i came to the part where it said that the air flow temp sensor should be pushed in to one of the outlets sticking out from the induction kit inlet pipe,  Ive not got an air flow temp sensor or if i have i cant find it, Ive looked on eBay the ones on there are shaped like a pointed black piece of plastic with a blob on one end would anyone know where the air temp sensor wiring or plug would be or supposed to be to plug the sensor into please,,,

Many thanks Laurz


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