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Suspension Bushes

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hey all,


So, when i went to see Martin at SSS a few months back (great service btw) he pointed out my bushes needed replacing. So i'm thinking I'll bite the bullet and get them replaced. Has anyone got any advice about bushes? I have no idea what they do, or how much they cost to replace/repair. I read that replacing the bushes is a complete pain in the backside though.


Anyone heard of Powerflex bushes? I heard they last alot longer than normal bushes, but are alot firmer? Are they worth the extra cost?


thanks in advance



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Hi mate, did he say which ones needed replacing ? If I was you I'd pay some one to do it fo you 1, because it's a pain in the !Removed! 2, it's more of a pain in the !Removed! than you even though it would be when you reached the end of the 1st step.

They'll need pressing out and pressing back in. If it's the wishbone arms you'll need to get the car on jacks or a lift remove all the associated itens and replace.

The bush sits between a peice of metal and a joining pin, so your suspension arms and anti roll bars will have a rubber bush at the end where the bolt goes into the subframe the bolt gose through he middle of the bush holding everything together alowing the arm to move freely up and down but cushioning at the same time

Powerflex are polyurethane so last a lot longer than standard bushes but do compromise the ride making it harsher, but you do get better handling. Hardly noticeable really unless your on track.

So you need to weigh up the pros & cons between them and oem ones. And value for money and what you want the car to do.

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lol, yeah will get Martin in Sheffield to do it. I tend to be able to make sense of most car things, but this suspension stuff is beyond me. So definitely getting Martin to do it :) 


I think Martin said they were the "rear bottom arm bushes" and he's gonna get me some quotes, for the OEM bushes and polyurethane bushes.


Are poly's alot more expensive than rubber OEM ones? I'd rather keep the costs down if possible, as I need a new exhaust too, and i think I have a dual mass flywheel issue, (squeaking when pulling off in 1st,) so I'll probably need to get a single mass flywheel in the future. haha


I'll probably opt for rubber, as otherwise I'd be concerned that some of the suspension bushes would be rubber and apart from the new poly ones.



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