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Remap advice... WRX-S


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Hi all, just bought a 58 plate WRX-S, absolutely love it, it's my first Scooby! Anyway, feels like it could easily deal with more power so fancy a stage 1 remap. I'm not fussed about any other mods, the car is currently standard. I know as standard the 'S' model has already had a bit of Prodrive treatment at the factor such as exhaust and mapping etc, however, does anyone know what kind of potential gain I could get from a stage 1 ecu remap alone? Seems Hard to find information specifically about the WRXS model.

My previous car was an Astra VXR which was totally standard except I had it remapped and I really noticed the difference, so I'd like to do the same with the Scooby!

I'm in Wolverhampton, if anyone has any recommendations of tuners local to me I'd be grateful.

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Get in touch with Jolly Green Monster


Or Andy Forrest


are prob the 2 best in the Scooby world.

I know Simon as he goes to my local Scooby Club, give him a call at JGM and he will be happy to chat and give you all the options and budgets.

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