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Turbosmart Supersonic BOV / Dump Valve


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As per the title. I've gone back to the OEM Recirc valve so no longer needed.

It's in excellent condition, works perfectly and sounds great. Adjustable so you can make it as loud and sensitive as you like.


Not 100% sure what they're worth. But new they are around £200 and the only other used one I've found is £120 so I think £100 delivered is reasonable.

Any questions give me a shout.

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Alright mate.

I've gone back to recirc because I've read it can help keep the turbo spooling better than the BOV since it's keeping the gasses flowing through not blowing them out into the atmosphere.

As for how loud - I'm not sure in all honesty. I never had it really turned up. But it was definitely noticeable when changing gear and lifting off at higher revs and I had it less than half way.

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