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Daft burd needs help topping up intercooler fluid


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Hey all,


Enjoying some tropical weather here in Scotland and have a question about topping up my intercooler. As you can see from my avatar I own a car I am too thick to maintain. I cannot see where I need to top up the fluid levels, but have none the less purchased some distilled water to do so.


Next question, had major 100,000 mile service done at Subaru dealer and now due next service. Mechanics at local branch of unnamed national firm suggest I get service parts through our own workshop Dingbro account and I need to know what to get. Too ashamed to ask them again as last time it went in one ear and out the other.


What do I need guys?! Please help ;-)



Daft Burd x

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Yo !

As for topping up fluids everything that needs attention will have a yellow cap on, so starting at left rear of the engine bay as you look at it you have your brake fulid resivior. Theres a nin and max line on all of the bottles. You may need a torch to see. & make sure you clean the yellow caps before removing as you don't want to get !Removed! in there.

So have a look at the resivior and see if it needs anything. If so you need dot5.1 brake fluid. Top up to max line.

Next is the clutch resivior should be a little further right and at the very back. Again check levels top up if required. You should be able to use the brake fluids for this too.

Moving towards the right hand side you and at the front bleow the dipstick is the radiator expansion bottle this should again be half full when the car is cold.

As for the intercooler bottle I'm not sure as I don't have a model wih the I/c sprayer I'm guessing that it will be at the back somewhere and look like a washer bottle

As for a service pack I would assume it's a small one after the major so engine oil and filters. I'm sure aome of the newage onwers will be along to advise :-D

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Hey Diz hope you're ok not seen you for awhile you got the business sorted yet ? 

Have you spoke with Tim @ Opie Oils get discount from them and they do a service pack with it all included ?

I'd Pm him and see if it works out cheaper to get them to post it all to you he's a good lad and won't sell you crap :)

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Thanks for that.


We've got plenty of stuff that's suitable for servicing your car.


I would use a 5w-40 synthetic in the engine, unless it's heavily modified.
Out of those, the best ones are the Fuchs/Silkolene Pro S, Millers CFS/CFS NT, Motul 300V, Red Line and Gulf Competition. The Motul 8100 X-Cess, Millers XF Longlife, Fuchs GT1 XTL/Supersyn, Gulf Formula G, Shell Helix and mobil Super 3000 are good, cheaper alternatives.
And the oil filter.
That should do it (I think) for a standard service, although if you need other filters, they are via this link (the UFI, Mahle and K&N ones are the most suitable, we only have Subaru branded oil filters).

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Hey peeps,

I read these posts and took your advice, but to my shame and embarrassment I now realize I didn't get back to thank you. So now, here it is. THANK YOU!

Gambit, our workshop is making progress, thanks. Establishing a powder coating business is not easy, folks want to see consistently good results on their mates' stuff before they commit so there is a bit of chicken and egg going on, and it takes nerve and determination to keep going. But we have a good reputation, especially amongst local bikers and scooter boys - two wheelers are the fussiest of them all, so we must be doing something right.

One thing I would say about getting lightweight alloy wheels powder coated on a high-performance Scooby... research it before you go there. Structural integrity can be altered by heat and can result in catastrophic failure later if they get overcooked during coating, especially during heat transfer on hard braking afterwards. Reports of this are few but they exist. The wheels might have come off the production line powder coated but the original design would have been tight on a car like mine and taken the original coating process into consideration. We take care not to overdo it with anything but that's because we know and care, and handle all parts individually - my degree was in physics so I pay attention to issues such as material fatigue. Maybe it is shooting ourselves in the foot but we have morals and personally I'd get my own spindly wheels painted. A good two-pack paint will be very resilient too, and much easier to colour match to the original. Otherwise most wheels are fine, albeit in truth they are a pain in the ar$e to do - three will come out lovely and number four bubbles as impurities (grease, road muck, diesel and some wheel cleaners, which can strip any coating off from the inside out on finding an imperfection to work its way into) outgass. Redo it or face a pi$$ed off customer when we can be getting on with something more interesting - it's a no brainer, and the variety of stuff people want doing is much more fun: rocker boxes, engine braces, inlet manifolds, calipers, motorbike bits galore, shotgun barrels, fireplaces, life-sized crane garden ornaments, tan stands - you name it, it has come through our door. If you are interested please PM me.

After our recent scare my beloved WR1 appears to be going strong once again and I still love him as much as the day I clapped eyes on him. Now I have the Subaru bug full on I can't imagine having any other make of car (although I might be tempted to run a Skyline on the side if I could afford it). I may be a dippy chick at times but defo have the petrolhead gene.


Diz xx

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